Baku Book Center launches free Conversation clubs
Baku Book Center launches free Conversation clubs

The Baku Book Center in partnership with the Creative TK Education Complex on Oct. 13, 2018 launched free Conversation clubs in foreign languages for children and adults as part of “Oxu!” ("Learn!") project. 
10 days before the start of the project the Baku Book Center and the Creative TK Education Complex posted announcements about the project in social networks. 
The organizers only asked that participants can understand the language they wish to speak better and come ready to talk in foreign languages.
As a result, more than 200 people of different age levels were accepted to take part in Conversation Clubs in Azerbaijani, English, Russian, German, Spanish and French languages  with 10 – 15 participants in each group.
Conversation Clubs hold meetings in the educational zone of the Baku Book Center. During the meeting, the Club members read news and excerpts from various books, hold discussions and debates on various subjects, and conduct dialogues on various topics. 
Debates are good ways to keep participants interested. They create excitement, and make the speaker practice using new words.
Conversation club is a good place to learn commonly used idioms, practice your conversation skills in a relaxed and friendly setting.
The main purpose of the Conversation Clubs is to promote communication skills in various foreign languages and to improve the practical use of foreign languages.
Knowledge of foreign languages is one of the basic requirements of the modern era and a key to success in many activities.
There are many reasons why Conversation clubs can help learners of all ages and levels improve their foreign language skills. The most important reason is that they offer learners a chance to practice foreign languages by actually speaking them.
There are other advantages, too. Conversation clubs are less formal than a classroom setting. Many learners find them more fun than usual language classes. They also let learners practice foreign languages in more real-life situations. This can increase a learner’s desire to practice and learn on their own.
We hope that the joint project of the Baku Book Center and Creative TK Education Complex will contribute to the development of motivation in learning  foreign languages.

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