1. Where is the Baku Book Center located?

Address: Sabail district, Uzeir Hajibeyli street 5, next to the Khagani garden (former Molokan garden).

2. Is the entrance to Baku Book Center free?

Yes, the admission is free.

3. Is it possible to borrow books, leaving an ID instead?

No, it isn’t.

4. Can I come to Baku Book Center with my own book?

Yes, you can.

5. What books can I read for free at the Baku Book Center?

Visitors can read books from the "Library" department of the Baku Book Center or their own books.

6. Working hours of the Baku Book Center:

Baku Book Center works without a lunch break seven days a week. Opening hours: Monday – Saturday: 10:00 - 22:00; Sunday: 11:00 - 22:00.

7. Is it possible to come with drinks and food?

No, it isn’t, because drink and food can stain furniture, equipment and books with food or drink.

8. Can I come to the Baku Book Center with animals?

Visitors can come with animals if they are safe and do not cause dissatisfaction and discomfort among other visitors.

9. Do you have a bonus card?

Yes, you can ask for the bonus card at the Center's box office.

10. Can I use the Umico service?

Yes, you can.

11. Can I return/exchange the book?

If you are not completely happy with your purchase, you have a right to return it to us within 24 hours or to change it to another item within 3 days of purchase.

12. Does the Baku Book Center offer discounts for teachers or students?

The Baku Book Center often announces discounts, including discounts for teachers and students. Discounts are timed to various holidays, sometimes to weekends, or are held as part of various projects or campaigns.

13. Can you deliver the book overseas?

At the moment, this service is not provided.

14. How can an author sell book at Baku Book Center?

The author should contact the Baku Book Center office. He/She will be asked to bring a copy of the book, a copy of ID, as well as a copy of a Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) and bank details. The Baku Book Center will then sign a contract with the author.

15. How often does the Сenter receive new books?

We receive books from local publishers every week, the assortment of books from foreign publishers is updated once in two months.

16. Can I buy books from the "Library" department or exchange them for other books?


17. What is the purpose of the computers in educational area?

Visitors can listen to audiobooks on computers.

18. Is the Baku Book Center responsible for lost items?

No, it isn’t.

19. Is it possible to hold lessons at the Baku Book Center?

You can study and do homework on your own, but not in a group.

20. Is it possible to hold an event at the Baku Book Center?

The Baku Book Center often hosts various cultural events, for more information please contact our office by phone (+99412 5059999) or send a letter to [email protected].

21. Are there any prayer room and child care room in the Center?

There are no such rooms yet.

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