"Doors" by Lala Melik unveiled at Baku Book Center

"There are things known and there are things unknown, and in between are the doors of perception”. These words belong to the famous American poet and musician, the leader of The Doors, Jim Morrison. Every day we open door after door, we go forward along the path of life, facing a choice in front of several doors, among which are the doors of love, joy, respect, mercy, dignity, kindness, as well as hatred, envy, betrayal, hypocrisy, avarice and anger... The door sets boundaries between what is not destined to connect, and creates bridges where contact is inevitable.
Children story writer Lala Melik titled her new book "Doors". The presentation of the book took place on September 17 at the Baku Book Center. The author Lala Melik characterizes her book as a story about how important it is to find your way in life's diversity, not to go astray, to be kind, to treat everything that surrounds us with dignity and love. The talented artist Irina Eldarova created beautiful illustrations for the book.


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